This is the most exciting thing ever!  This new echo water machine produces reverse osmosis ionized water containing molecular hydrogen with a neutral ph.  It has been found in the past few years that the alkalinity of the water was not what many thought was the healing part of the water.  Many in the natural health world believe that having an alkaline ph is ideal and that disease can't happen in an alkaline body.  That turns out to be untrue.  The reason the alkaline water was beneficial was due to the molecular hydrogen in the water, not the alkalinity.  We have had echo water (ECHO 7) which was the old alkaline version with molecular hydrogen for about 5 years, it was wonderful and helped many people.  The molecular hydrogen turns free radicals to water and they are eliminated from the body, therefore it is extremely detoxifying.  It is also energizing, and brings your body back to it's natural balance, so helpful for everyone. molecular hydrogen water created by quantum entanglement, is the coolest thing ever.   The new machine does all that plus so much more!  With the new ground breaking technology, I am able to send different frequencies from my computer to my echo machine in 90 seconds.  We have frequencies for many things, a lot like in homeopathy.  So for example, lets say you have trouble sleeping at night.  I can now make your echo water with sleep frequency to bring your body back to balance, gently, to help you with your sleep issues (while also hydrating and detoxing you!)  This is brand new technology.  It has no harmful side effects.  It is the coolest thing ever.  I hope everyone will stop in and give it a try!  I can't wait for the stories to start coming in.  It is $3 per gallon, it pours much faster than the old machine, you don't have to change the levels while pouring it, the hydrogen lasts for 7 days now vs 1 or 2 days like the old machine, and the frequency lasts for one month! I imagine I will have about 10 gallons of water at my house in the near future with labels on each one. 

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