Many people I have found,  do not know what naturopathy is, no surprise, I didn't either until I heard it defined for the very first time and immediately knew that IT was exactly what I had been looking for, I just didnt know that it was called "naturopathy".  Naturopathy is  bringing the body mind and spirit back to balance, naturally, with homeopathy, aromatherapy, whole foods and whole food supplements, muscle testing, iridology, ph. balancing to help  digestion and elimination and mineral absorption, healthy foundations like water, sleep and exercise, emotional balancing with flower essences, crystals, and oils, energy work like reiki and reflexology, detoxification, herbology, the functions of the different systems in the body, etc.  


In Naturopathy we focus on the law of the terrain rather than the germ theory, which is what western medicine is based on.  Rather than fearing every germ on earth, we focus on keeping the immune system strong and healthy, because when it is, germs don't stand a chance!  The health of my family, myself included, have improved so much since adopting this lifestyle, the same goes for my clients who apply it.


We also focus on getting to the root cause vs treating symptoms and covering them up like allopathic medicine does.  Clients regularly come in looking for a quick fix and leave with lots of water and lifestyle changes, along with some great whole food supplements, and some education about how the body works and how supplements work..  Natural products are definitely capable of "treating" symptoms, but that is not what we  focus on when striving for great health.  I have learned how to determine that root cause.  Wonderful things can and do happen when the body is simply given the basic hydration and nutrition and loving care that it needs.  I am so happy to be able to help my clients achieve true, natural health, body, mind and spirit.


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