Shelly Meier is an  autism mom with 10 years of experience in healing her son's underlying conditions related to autism, which has in turn helped the severity of the autism signifigantly.   Through her journey with Zane she became a student of natural health, earning the designations of Certified Aromatherapist in 2014, and Certified Health Specialist and Certified Natural Health Professional, in 2017.   She is currently studying naturopathy and plans to earn the Doctor of Naturopathy designation in the near future. Shelly's focus as a healer is to teach her clients how to naturally heal themselves utilizing holistic principals.  Her passion is in helping children who suffer from a variety of childhood disorders, especially those on the autism spectrum.  There is so much that the human body can do when given the proper nutrition, water, sleep and exercise.  The brain, gut and immune system are very closely connected.  When we help make the gut healthier the immune system and the brain benefit.  She uses a variety of modalities in her practice, aromatherapy, applied kinesiology (muscle response testing), homeopathy, Iridology, Bach flower therapy,REAMS testing,immune modulation, and detoxification .   Her hope is that she can teach her clients holistic principals that will not only change their lives but the lives of their entire family for generations to come.  In her spare time  she is a parent mentor for autism families through her own support group, Muscatine Autism Moms, as well as through TACA(Talk about Curing Autism) and Generation Rescue. 

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