I started this way of eating over one year ago after failing my health screening miserably, and it has solved my health worries.  My glucose was high, and sight declining, neuropathy, high cholesterol, overweight, diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. I needed to lose 30 lbs. I had it all under control for several years after being diagnosed with prediabetes.  I was taking the proper supplements to counter the havoc that all the carbs that I was addicted to for my whole life were doing to my insulin resistant body.  I tried to lose weight by working out, nothing, I lost 7 lbs in a year.  I still needed to lose more so I started tracking calories and still after a month, NOTHING! I knew what I needed to do(go low carb)  but could not fathom a morning without organic milk and sugar in my coffee!  I decided that I would tweek that coffee with every natural zero carb sweetener I could find until I could drink it.  I had always hated the taste of stevia in my coffee, tea, pop, yes, coffee, NO.  I found out about swerve and stevia glycerite and heavy whipping cream and cinnamon and vanilla and butter  and started mixing and got it to taste ok...I started doing the keto diet and finally started losing weight AND I wasn't hungry all the time.  I lost 18 lbs in a few months.   I did start getting some headaches and chills when I was doing very low carb so I just added some minerals and  increased my carbs until I felt good.  I eat too many carbs a lot of the time but overall I stick to the principals of this way of eating and it has helped me keep the weight off and my last health screening was absolutely perfect, I do not have metabolic syndrome anymore!  I believe everyone has their own level of carbs that they need per day to lose and maintain weight and that is a personal journey that everyone will have to figure out by listening to their own bodies.  It is a great way to get in touch with yourself at a cellular level. It is empowering.  You don't feel helpless in the struggle with losing weight once you figure this way of eating out for yourself and implement it.   I hope to help others on their journey through education on the low carb  and keto principals and on proper supplementation and support at weekly meetings.  If you're ready to get started or want to learn more, please join us! 


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