I want to tell you my amazing experience with Bach Flowers.  I learned about this in my naturopathy courses, and just got my Bach flower kit in the mail last week.  I thought it sounded cool and fun,  but I was skeptical.  Having been through a traumatic experience recently, I was deeply depressed.  I honestly considered an anti depressant for a minute because I just could not snap out of it, as much as I wanted to.  So I analyzed myself and made up a remedy.  Oh my goodness!  These flowers have literally turned my depression into full blown happiness!  I am amazed.  I really did not expect such great results in such a short amount of time!  Bach Flowers are very similar to homeopathy in that they are 100% safe, non addictive, have zero side effects and no interactions with any other substance.  Bach Flowers balance your emotions in a safe and natural way.  I am now offering Bach consultations as an add on to my regular consults for an additional $10.00, The consultation includes your own customized Bach Flower remedy for you to take home.  I am very excited to be offering this wonderful service to all of you. 

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Mother Nature's Holistic Healing and Naturopathy

Shelly Meier, C.A., C.N.H.P.

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